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The Thompsons, from Liverpool, wanted to immigrate to a new life in New Zealand. Property To Pounds bought their house giving them the cash to make the move.


The Thompsons were ready to start a new life in New Zealand. "We had family there, so moving wasn't a problem", recalls Mrs Thompson, whose family was living in Liverpool at the time. "However, no one wanted to purchase our home".

The family was in a dire state, until they found out about Property To Pounds. "We found Property To Pounds on the internet after searching Google for "Buy my house" and we filled in the contact form" explains Mrs Thompson. "The next day, Property To Pounds got back in touch and asked us a few questions about the house. They were then able to make us a cash offer for the property".

Before they knew it, the family were packing their belongings in the Liverpool and getting set to move to New Zealand.

"We can't thank Property To Pounds enough for all their help", said Mrs Thompson "Property To Pounds made our dreams come true".

To protect our customers' privacy, all case studies are fictional dramatisations of actual events. Names and locations have been changed, and stock photography has been used.

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Testimonial 1

Exactly What I Needed

I needed to sell my house fast due to me and my wife divorcing - Property To Pounds did exactly that. I filled out the form and had a quote within minutes. They offered a higher quote then the other companies I approached and instantly came across very professional. Expert service.
- Rob Green
Testimonial 2

Sold My House In 14 Days

Can't fault Property To Pounds, they where able to put my stress at ease. Although it was tough letting my house go at a reduced price I knew it had to be done.
- Allan Samson
Testimonial 3

Expert Advice and Support

I was facing repossession and I felt like my whole world was crashing down, I had a new baby on the way and the last thing I wanted was the stress of moving house. Someone told me about Property To Pound's rent back policy. A simple phone call to them allowed me to sell my home and rent it back - without needing to move at all.
- Kim Clarke
Testimonial 4

Totally Impressed

Someone told me that it would be impossible to sell my house quickly due to the work that needed to be done. I didn't have the time or patience to bring in builders and get the property up to sell'able standard. However Property To Pounds wasn't fazed by this and offered me a really good price for my property.
- Hannah Tilcraft
Testimonial 5

Finally Found Someone I Can Trust

I had been browsing the internet for a quick house sale company in Liverpool and none seemed legit until I came across Property To Pounds. They provided expert advice and service right from the word go. Would highly recommend!
- Mo Sign
Testimonial 6

I Was Surprised With The Fantastic Offer

My house had been on the market for over 6 months without a great deal of interest. I was told about Property To Pounds fast house sale in Liverpool and just submitted for an offer on the off chance. When the offer came through it was actually very impressive so I just had to accept.
- Abs Heart

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