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4 Point Sell My House Fast In Liverpool Guide

“I want to sell my house fast Liverpool!” No problem – here is a guide to do just that.

Selling your house can be overwhelming and stressful at the best of times – let alone trying to sell it quickly. However with the right approach and preparation you can put yourself in a much better position to do so. The following steps will cover some key tips to ensure a quick house sale.

The Right Time To Sell Your House Fast

Understanding the market before taking the plunge to sell your home can ensure you place yourself in a much better position for a quick smooth house sale. After all, you will considerably increase your chances if you sell your house when the market demand is high and you will often find that competing buyers will also encourage a better selling price.

Time Of The Year

To help understand the best time to sell try and think about the seasonal demand:

  • Spring is traditionally known as a good time to sell your house fast, the better weather and lighter evenings will help boost the appeal of your home especially if you feature a garden. Also the end of the academic year plays a key part for families looking to move home.  
  • Summer can normally be a tricky time to sell your home as the schools are closed for summer holidays which can normally stall transactions from family buyers. However if you’re stuck selling your home in the summer its best to get it on the market as soon as possible.
  • Autumn is another good time of the year to sell our home as buyers will want to get the transaction completed in time for the Christmas break. You will also still be benefiting from the appealing weather without the distractions of any major holidays.
  • Winter can be the toughest time to sell your home so try and hold off until the New Year unless you are dealing with a property buying company.

What’s Happening In Liverpool?

When looking to sell your house quickly in Liverpool you should ensure you have a close eye on the Liverpool area to ensure that you do not miss any development plans that could enhance the sale of your house. Developments in transport, employment, schools, hospitals, even mobile phone masks can all work in your favour to boost the appeal of your property and ensure you sell your house fast.

To learn more about what is happening in the Liverpool area you can visit:

Asking The Right Price

If you’re looking to sell your house fast in Liverpool then it’s essential that you price your home accurately. The quickest way to achieve this is by using the Property To Pounds valuation tool on our website – this will give you a free cash valuation of your property. Even if you’re not looking to sell your property for cash then it will still give you a key indicator on how much your property may be worth on the market. You have to remember that having the best price will not necessarily mean you’ll get a quick house sale, you need to agree on an asking price that will appeal to the buyers in the current housing market.

Preparing Your Home For A Quick House Sale

Sell House Fast Liverpool

Now that you have chosen the best time to sell your home and priced it accurately we need to prepare the home to ensure that the viewing process runs smoothly and leaves buyers eager to make a quick offer.

The first thing you need to do is to understand the ideal buyer that will love your property (get into the minds of your ideal buyer and make them love your home!). For example if you had a single bedroom flat in Liverpool that is ideally for a single male then decorate and furnish the property to match that type of audience (bachelor pad) – you could include mutual colours, Liverpool FC (or Everton FC) merchandise, leather recliner sofa chairs or anything that could appeal to the male. Our goal here is to leave the buyer thinking “I could imagine living here”. Studies have also shown that clearing your home of personal items such as photographs helps the buyer to envisage themselves there and in terms will help a fast house sale.

When preparing your house for viewings you should also ensure that the property is clean and spotless (specifically in the kitchen and bathroom areas), clear of any clutter (clothes, toys and ornaments) and unnecessary furniture to give the felling of more space.   

Although now is not the time to start any major DIY works you will need to fix the minor broken parts of the house which may include blown light bulbs, touching up paint chips, fresh lick of paint on the walls and front door, and replacing dripping taps and cracked tiles.

You can also freshen up the interior design in order to further increase your chances of a fast house sale Liverpool. Try to make your property feel light, airy and warm - hang mirrors up to give a feeling of space and place lamps and lightening in corners.

Do not forget to spruce up the outside of your property including the driveway and garden. First impressions are the most important so ensure that the walkway to your property is not overgrown and has a warm welcoming feeling. Also be sure to clean all windows, doors and fascias to ensure that the property looks clean and spotless on the outside.

Proving Extra Buyer Information

Now that your potential buyer has looked around your property there is nothing further you can do right? Wrong! You could provide your buyer with an information pack that details all the local benefits of the property to enhance the chances to sell your house fast in Liverpool. This pack could include things such as transport links, nightlife, leisure, restaurants and shopping and other amenities.

Choosing The Best Quick Sale Buyer

Now that you have received a number of offers from potential buyers you need to evaluate what buyer will be the best to sell your house quickly in Liverpool. Remember the highest offer is not always the best offer if you want to sell your house quickly you need to ask yourself the following questions to determine a quick sale buyer.

  • Is the buyer chain-free and able to move quickly?
  • Does the buyer currently have money in place?
  • Does the buyer have to secure a mortgage?


Selling your house quickly can be tricky – our quick house sale Liverpool process simplifies this for you by providing you a cash transaction of your home no matter what the condition – no viewings needed and no fees to pay and all this can be achieved as fast as 14 days. However if you are keen to go through the process yourself then ensure you pick a good time to sell your home, understand your ideal buyer and make them love your property and finally choose the offer that best suits your quick sale needs.

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Jason and Kim's world fell apart after Jason was made redundant having served 10 years as a bank manager. The Liverpool based couple had never thought Jason would ever lose his job and so had never made any contingency plans or savings.




Sean and Leah's three bedroom Glasgow home had been a big factor in the break down of their marriage. "When we bought the property, we were young and naive and thought we could afford the repayments", recalls Sean. "Instead, we fell behind and ended up in a horrible atmosphere of fear and stress".




Manchester based family were dealt a blow when father Mike was diagnosed with Cancer. Property To Pounds bought their house to give them the money they needed.




Patrick and Emma's first wedding anniversary was anything but romantic. The couple from Skelmersdale, Lancashire received a repossession notice, which arrived on the day of the anniversary. "I had planned to surprise my wife with an exotic holiday to Egypt, but this ruined everything" laughs Patrik.


Loss Of Income

Loss Of Income

Life was looking bright for The Fletchers. 2008 had been great a year for the Skelmersdale family, as they had recently had their home renovated with a new kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. They had also been on a dream holiday to Mexico, bought a new car for their eldest daughter and were looking forward to sending their son to university.




A unexpected call brought Dawn a surprise. "My Aunt who lived in Wigan had recently passed away. In her will, she had left her property to me. I was surprised, as I never spent much time with my Aunt."




The Thompsons were ready to start a new life in New Zealand. "We had family there, so moving wasn't a problem", recalls Mrs Thompson, whose family was living in Liverpool at the time. "However, no one wanted to purchase our home".


Chain Property

Chain Property

The Wilsons' 3 bedroom Liverpool house was becoming cramped. "It was great when Bob and first got married" recalls Beryl. "But now with kids, there just wasn't room".

Testimonial 1

Exactly What I Needed

I needed to sell my house fast due to me and my wife divorcing - Property To Pounds did exactly that. I filled out the form and had a quote within minutes. They offered a higher quote then the other companies I approached and instantly came across very professional. Expert service.
- Rob Green
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Sold My House In 14 Days

Can't fault Property To Pounds, they where able to put my stress at ease. Although it was tough letting my house go at a reduced price I knew it had to be done.
- Allan Samson
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Expert Advice and Support

I was facing repossession and I felt like my whole world was crashing down, I had a new baby on the way and the last thing I wanted was the stress of moving house. Someone told me about Property To Pound's rent back policy. A simple phone call to them allowed me to sell my home and rent it back - without needing to move at all.
- Kim Clarke
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Totally Impressed

Someone told me that it would be impossible to sell my house quickly due to the work that needed to be done. I didn't have the time or patience to bring in builders and get the property up to sell'able standard. However Property To Pounds wasn't fazed by this and offered me a really good price for my property.
- Hannah Tilcraft
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Finally Found Someone I Can Trust

I had been browsing the internet for a quick house sale company in Liverpool and none seemed legit until I came across Property To Pounds. They provided expert advice and service right from the word go. Would highly recommend!
- Mo Sign
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I Was Surprised With The Fantastic Offer

My house had been on the market for over 6 months without a great deal of interest. I was told about Property To Pounds fast house sale in Liverpool and just submitted for an offer on the off chance. When the offer came through it was actually very impressive so I just had to accept.
- Abs Heart

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